1. CSF plugin

CSF is a standard plugin of cloudComPy.

The availability of the plugin can be tested with the cloudComPy.isPluginCSF() function:

isCSF_available = cc.isPluginCSF()

CSF is a submodule of cloudCompy:

import cloudComPy as cc
# ...
if cc.isPluginCSF():
    import cloudComPy.CSF
cloudComPy.CSF.computeCSF(pc: _cloudComPy.ccPointCloud, csfRigidness: int = 2, maxIteration: int = 500, clothResolution: float = 2.0, classThreshold: float = 0.5, csfPostprocessing: bool = False) List[_cloudComPy.ccHObject]

Compute Cloth Simulation Filter (CSF).

See CSF plugin.

  • pc (ccPointCloud) – the point cloud on which the filter is applied.

  • csfRigidness (int,optional) – from (1:steep slope, 2:relief 3:flat), default 2

  • maxIteration (int,optional) – maximum iterations, default 500

  • clothResolution (double,optional) – default 2.0

  • classThreshold (double,optional) – default 0.5

  • csfPostprocessing (bool,optional) – default false


a list of clouds (ground, offground)

Return type


cloudComPy.CSF.initTrace_CSF() None

Debug trace must be initialized for each Python module.

Done in module init, following the value of environment variable _CCTRACE_ (“ON” if debug traces wanted)